About the Club

Become a member of the BELhospice Sustainability Club and be part of a community of donors dedicated to those who need our help.

BELhospice Sustainability Club was established in 2018 with the aim of gathering corporate and individual donors who have continuously contributed to the long-term improvement of the quality of palliative care in Serbia since 2015.

Why we need the support of members of the Club?

The support of members of the Club enabled BELhospice to realize 1636 free home visits, to provide care for 800 patients and 3702 telephone consultations in 2017.

All services provided by BELhospice centre are free of charge for patients and their family members, and the organization is funded through donations and fundraising events organized during the year.

The needs for services of BELhospice centre are growing day by day. An increasing number of cancer patients and their family members turn to us for help every day. To be able to respond to the growing needs and challenges BELhospice centre faces and continue to provide free of charge services improving their quality at the same time, we need long-term and regular support from as many members as possible.

BELhospice Sustainability Club currently counts 22 socially responsible companies and 20 individual members.