The Situation

Serbia is a country situated in the Balkan peninsula with 7.5 million inhabitants (without Kosovo and Metohija). 56.4% of the total Serbian population are city/town dwellers, out of which about 2 million people live in Belgrade.

Real Facts

About 20,000 cancer patients die each year in Serbia, of which 6,000 people die of cancer in Serbia’s capital Belgrade. According to available data, one third of cancer patients die in hospitals while for others there are no relevant statistics.

Our Approuch

In Serbia there are no specialist facilities which would take care of terminally ill patients. BELhospice was established in Belgrade on 20 May 2004, as the first palliative care and palliative medicine centre in Serbia.


  • Ever aging population
  • Increase in chronic illnesses, including malignant ones
  • Lack of awareness of palliative/hospice care concept and its very specific role within society and health care system
  • Shortage of  specialist services in the field
  • Shortage of adequate education in the field

WHY BELhospice?

BELhospice was established with the idea of it being a model for the development of palliative care services for patients and their families as well as becoming an educational facility for relevant professionals, volunteers and the general public. Ultimately, the Centre will hopefully contribute to relevant policy and legislation on the national level to consider incorporating palliative care within the existing health care system, both at governmental and non-governmental level (charities).