Our event gathering with BELhospice Sustainability Club members was amazing!

Anniversary of the BELhospice Sustainability Club meeting was held in Hyatt hotel with presence of 50 representatives of the Sustainability Club.

In the course of 1 year the membership grew for 16 new corporate responsible companies and 4 individuals. Currently BELhospice has 42 companies as BELhospice Club members and 29 individuals.

New Corporate companies are the following:

SITEL group, SAGA, ALMA QUATTRO, Endava, Muehlbauer, EFT, CROWE RS, Courtyard by Marriot, Roche,  Ernest&Young, BEKAMENT, TeleSign, TRIBECA, RAUCH, Marbo Product, Vinarija Despotika.

We greatly thank to […]