BELhospice received a grant from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade for the second year in a raw as part of the “Strengthening Civil Society” project. Aim of this project was to strength the capacity of organisation and to improve the quality of palliative care services that BELhospice is providing to its patients.

Norwegian Embassy supported BELhospice with 62,624.00 € worth grant. Implementation period of the project will be from December 2016 until December 2017.

Expected project results are:

  • Palliative care services provided for more than 300 patients at their homes and support for their family members.
  • Advocacy efforts to institutionalise the hospice model of palliative care gained results
  • Education provided for more than 90 professionals working in palliative units in public hospitals in Serbia
  • BELhospice organisational capacity strengthened to improve its services through staff capacity development (in nursing, spiritual guidance, training and IT network and database administration), and training and engagement of 40 volunteers
  • Launching Day Care and Outpatient services
  • Inpatient hospice unit completed and officially opened

Norway has a long history of working with civil society in Serbia and Montenegro. The Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade recognizes that there is a need for core funding support to maintain and develop the organizations and their capacities.

This Grant aims to finance the functioning of civil society organisations in their work through so-called core funding (e.g. project development, fundraising expenses, board and management development, strategic planning, improvement of financial management systems, core management salaries, staff training, rent of premises etc.).

The Embassy will provide funds needed to run and develop selected organisations, with an aim to support geographical and thematic diversity of civil society, its ability to mobilize citizens, develop volunteerism and develop a basis for its future sustainability.