Guidelines for creation of Local Action Plan for palliative care improvement was created within the project “We care”, implemented by regional partners BELhospice – Serbia, Civic Alliance – Montenegro, Sue Ryder – Albania, supported by BCSDN Macedonia and funded by SIDA, envisioned support to the local governments in the project region enabling them with guidelines for creation of the Local Action Plans for palliative care improvement.

Population in the project region is ageing and an increasing number of people are living longer. In all three countries (Serbia, Albania and Montenegro) palliative care is in early stage of development and the population aging rapidly increasing as well as the incidence rates of life-threatening illnesses (such as cancer, neurological and cardiovascular diseases), the improvement of infrastructure, services and network capacity building is seen as a developmental priority. The system needs to change to meet the growing demand for palliative care.

Local governments should take adequate actions to improve palliative care services and prepare for these trends to meet the needs of vulnerable citizens. An action plan is needed to provide a structured approach to inclusive and collaborative strategic planning and to improve the priority areas work in practice.

These Guidelines for creation of the Action Plan will enable support to the local governments in design of future palliative care services to meet increasing demands and support stakeholders to focus their priorities, planning and resourcing for change.


Local Action Plan

Guidelines can be downloaded from the following link