BELhospice volunteering program

Includes recruiting, training, reception and participation of volunteers in various activities within the three pillars of volunteering. Any adult, responsible, humane and altruistic individual, who is willing to adopt new knowledge and skills in order to perform in the best way volunteer activities, not expecting any material benefit or allowance for their work, can become a member of the BELhospice volunteer team.

Please check Volunteer Stories and find out more about experiences of our volunteers.


  • Be humane
  • Spend your free time with quality and benefits
  • Gain specific and unique life experience
  • Actively participate in helping patients
  • Gain business contacts and recommendations for job
  • Assist employees in BELhospice center
  • Educate yourself further and improve in many ways
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develop new friendships

Volunteer Training

Training has two parts and it last four days.

First part lectures are more of general caracter and last two days.

Second part of training goes more into details and explains medical, psycho-social and spiritual aspect of palliative care and it is adjusted to the volunteers interested in volunteering under the first volunteering column.

During the training volunteers will gain knowledge about the history, principles, medical, psycho-social and spiritual aspects of palliative care, about the work of BELhospice centre, about the role and importance of volunteers in palliative care.


The first pillar involves spending time with patients and includes small service tasks. As a volunteer, you are there to talk to the patient, listen, socialize at home, or any other place where the patient is located. You can read newspapers and books to the patient, lend a hand in writing letters or e-mails, or in any other way; be in direct contact with the patient, help the terminally ill person feel better and ensure they have the best possible time.

Also, in volunteering, there are small services, such as grocery shopping, offering of meals and drinks, light meal preparation, housework, and so on. Be spontaneous, natural; try to add a personal quality to the life of a terminally ill patient, that is an invaluable humane gesture.


This pillar includes volunteer service activities the performance of which provides practical assistance to the patient and family members. By going for prescription medications, groceries and so on, you directly contribute not only to the quality of life of patients, but also provide assistance to members of their families, in a very strenuous and exhausting period of life. By doing this, seemingly small tasks, you can accomplish much for the patient and their family.


This pillar includes different jobs within the fundraising sector: organizing humanitarian events, such as the annual charity ball, football tournament, Belgrade marathon, bowling tournament and a number of other happenings. As part of this team, you will have the opportunity to gain experience in the field of CSR and get in touch with the corporate sector. This field includes IT jobs, creating tables, programs, databases, translations, promoting BELhospice via social media and other channels.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please send your CV to